Thursday, July 12, 2012

Champ Camp Dance

This is Peanut's camp song, they are learning it to perform at graduation tomorrow.  He hasn't been participating much in the small and large group singing and dancing activities. According to his clinician, he does a lot of watching and today he did the "muscle" move. 

This afternoon I was playing the song in the room while the kids were playing just to get Peanut more comfortable with the song and next thing I know he starts dancing.  I grabbed my ipad and bribed him to do it for me again and he started to sing the "Oh oh oh" part.  This is the first we have ever even heard him attempt to sing with a song and the fact that he knew all of the parts of the dance shocked me.  I showed Papa Bear and he teared up.  I thought my birthday couldn't get any better when Peanut said "Happy Birthday Mom!" but I was wrong.  This made my entire year!

Peanut's Champion Dance

* warning - apparently Sweet Pea decided to spice the dance video up with a little strip tease at the end.  At least we keep it interesting!

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