Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th - Plan A

Tonight was a rousing success!  It was the first time we have gone as a family to see fireworks.  Now we know we can do it and that it is worth it.  We started the evening with a dinner out at Applebee's (courtesy of a giftcard provided by Papa Bear's parents) and then we went to Cherry Hill park.  It was roped off with yellow caution tape (because of damage from the storm) but we decided that we didn't care and proceeded to have the whole place to ourselves until the police showed up and we high-tailed it out of there.  Then we went to George Mason High School and picked a spot to enjoy the fireworks.  We had about 2 hours to play soccer, run around, eat snacks and listen to the live music.  Then the show began....

At first all 3 kids were terrified.  We were standing singing the Star Spangled Banner and as soon as it was finished big blasts went off in the sky and all 3 kids dove for cover.  Then they began to relax and started to enjoy it.  Peanut kept saying "This is beautiful.  I am not scared at all.  Let's get out of here."  Eventually he dropped the "Let's get out of here" and started yelling each color of firework.  Sweet Pea was covering her ears and saying "pop.  boom" and seemed to really like it.  Little Man was asking a million questions.  Seriously, the boy never stops. Anyway it was "What if the fireworks land on us? I mean, I know that they won't because you said they won't but what if they do? and "Can you see fireworks from space?"  "Are they landing below the clouds or above the clouds?"  "How can someone light them so fast to go off right after the other?"  Finally I asked him to just be quiet and enjoy the fireworks.  The silence lasted 30 seconds and then I pretended I couldn't hear him over the loud booms of the fireworks. 

What an amazing fun family day.  It is one of those days that I know I will remember forever. 

Lessons for next year:
1.  Park in the same spot in front of the school - there was no traffic to get out and we made it home in 15 minutes
2.  Bring pajamas again to change into at the car.  We were all way too tired to mess with anything other than falling into bed.
3.  Bring two soccer balls and other distracting items to kill time before the fireworks start.  (we brought one soccer ball and I don't think we would have made it without it)
4.  Bring earplugs for all of the kids - it is just precautionary plus I think they would enjoy it more if they didn't have to cover their ears the whole time

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