Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Trouble With Sweet Pea

The trouble with Sweet Pea is simply that she won't keep her clothes on.  Every day I try a different outfit in an attempt to thwart her inevitable strip tease and it doesn't work.  She is just too good at getting her clothes off.  The real problem is that I need to potty train her.  She is ready.  I am not.  I just need a few more weeks to get through the busy part of the summer and then I can devote some days to naked booty potty training time.  At least once a day I watch her pull her pants down, take off her diaper, get wipes and wipe her self, get a new diaper, lay it out and attempt to strap is on herself.  Yeah, she is ready.  The trouble with Sweet Pea is that she thinks she is somewhere between 3 and 5, the ages of her brothers and wants to do everything that they do, including peeing in the potty...standing up. 

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