Thursday, July 19, 2012

Little Miss Bossy Pants

"Na Na, Ja Ja! Come 'ere!  No no no (she says as she switches off the tv) nap time.  Yet's go, oov(move) it!" She herds her brothers towards the steps, shaking her little finger at them if they even glance in a different direction.  "Ni nite" she says and pushes them into their rooms.  Then she happily tippy toes into her own room to be boosted up into her crib. 

Everyone is well aware of who is in charge in this house and it certainly isn't me anymore.  She wags her fingers at Peanut (who she calls Na Na) if he lingers too close to the dividing rope in the pool and she cheerfully tells on Little Man (Ja Ja) if he doesn't do everything to please her.  My favorite part is that while the boys don't like to be bossed around by each other they seem to accept it from her.  Peanut pretends to be eaten by a shark to make her laugh in the pool and Little Man reads her Moo Baa La La La over and over as she demands "more book" from him. 

She may be the youngest and she may be the smallest but she is also the loudest and the fiercest and the bossiest.  I think that this is how things are supposed to go.

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