Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So Proud

Little Man is only 5 but I have very high expectations of him.  Not in the sense that I expect him to excel academically or in sports or even socially.  But I do ask a lot of him in the sense that he must be kind and loving and put others before himself.  Today after practice there was a pancake breakfast for all of the swimmers and siblings.  I gave him a choice and told him that we could skip swim practice or we could go to swim practice but he couldn't participate in the pancake breakfast because Peanut couldn't eat the pancakes (the mix they use has corn syrup solids).  He asked if he could sneak off and have the pancakes if his brother wasn't looking.  I asked him how he would feel if he had to watch Peanut eat a delicious, wonderful meal if front of him knowing he couldn't eat it.  He agreed that he wouldn't like it but said he really wanted to go to practice.  So off we went and Little Man never even looked over at the pancake breakfast, he didn't ask or even mention it once.  Later in the afternoon I told him how proud I was of him and he smiled he adorable little smile and said "I'm proud of me too". 

*as a side note, I bring alternate food to just about every event, birthday, restaurant, camp etc.


I was putting Peanut (BACK) to bed this evening.  He is so darn cute and I couldn't help but pick him up and give him another hug.  I ws putting him back in bed and whispered all of my love to him.  He sat straight up in bed and said "snack" emphasizing the "s" sound.  He is so darn proud of that "s" sound and so am I!!!!

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