Saturday, April 20, 2013

6 is a very Grown Up Number

Recently I have noticed some very grown up changes in Little Man.  Just last weekend we were running some errands as a family and Little Man complained that he would be bored and asked if he could bring a book and read to himself in the car and in the stores.  It was a request that really touched me because when I was young, it was rare to see me without a book in my hand and even now it is rare that I don't go out with my kindle in case I can squeeze in a few minutes of reading.  On the way home he remarked that he only had a few more pages to read and asked that we drive a bit slower so he can finish and ended up staying in the car for a a bit to finish it up.  And twice in the last few weeks, Little Man has had karate after school and then went home with a buddy for dinner only getting picked up around bedtime, spending most of the day away and loving being so independent.   Then today, Little Man scored a goal in soccer like it was no big thing, cheered for his team mates when they scored and then came home and asked if he could go out and play basketball in the driveway while we were making dinner. 

Every day there are more signs that he is growing up which is probably why it still makes me deliriously happy to hear Sweet Pea ask for "wagger" instead of water.  At least there is still a bit of littleness left in this house.

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