Friday, April 26, 2013


Sweet Pea loves her letters, she sings the ABC's all day, runs through her letter sounds and spells things (incorrectly) throughout the day.  The only thing is that she doesn't call them letters or ABC's.  She calls them ACK's....because guess what she hears spelled all day long jACKSon.  Yup, Little Man's name. 

Peanut has similar issues, he may be singing the ABC's beautifully and then he hits H, I, J and then he pauses like he forgets what he is doing/saying and goes to H,I, JACKSON, O,P, ....

Clearly, Little Man likes to be and has succeeded in being the center of his siblings world.

Other things Sweet Pea can often be heard saying:
-  Wait for me boys!
-  Time for dinner boys!
-  Heads or Tails?  (whichever you pick she says, "No, insert other option here, better luck next time."

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