Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bubble Wrap

On my good days, my kids fall down and I yell "pop up" or "you're ok" even if inside I am cringing on the inside.  On my bad days, I cry with them and want to wrap them in bubble wrap to keep them from ever getting hurt again.

Little Man recently got a skateboard from MeeMom for his birthday.  He loves it and Papa Bear is so happy to have his son following in his skater boy footsteps.  (Although Little Man may be the only kid at the skate park wearing a tie and vans.)  And on my good days, I love it too. On my bad days, I worry about broken arms and concussions.

Peanut is getting so much more proficient at the playground, jumping from high levels, going down the fireman's pole.  I love it especially since he has had gross motor difficulties since he was little but I still worry when he goes down too fast or jumps from too high of a height.

Sweet Pea, well I worry every time she runs.  Every. Time.  She is not graceful and with her full on crazy Phoebe run, legs flying in all directions, head bobbling and arms thrown out in front of her I am always yelling at her to slow down, be careful, watch where she is going, look out for the wall/door/tree...

And then today, she was full out sprinting down the sidewalk and when she fell I watched her forehead bounce on the sidewalk.  I am investing in bubble wrap at least until we get our family pictures take in 3 weeks! 

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