Sunday, April 21, 2013

Worms and Trees and other such things

Peanut has these beautifully large hefty hands as I have mentioned before and he tries very hard to be gentle with the ants and worms and other creatures that he picks up, but he is not always successful.  Many times he brings me a bug that he has so gently manhandled and informs me that it isn't moving anymore but that's ok, he can find another one.  I cringe slightly both at the handling of bugs and their ultimate demise in his hands but try not to discourage him too much.  Yesterday he was very much in love with some worms that he had dug up in our yard.  He even brought it to me in the house because he wanted me to see his favorite worm.  (The last time he brought me a bug in the house it was a bee that ultimately stung him so the worm was an upgrade) He wanted his worm to go on a bike ride with him but the dilemma was how to hold onto the handle bars, not let the worm wiggle out of his hands and keep the worm alive.  Peanut decided that he would use the loose flap on the handle bars as a holding place for the worm and in his not so careful way he opened the flap that covers the end of the handle bars and shoved the worm into the hole and then took his worm friend for a lovely bike ride.

Peanut's love for nature doesn't stop with insects.  If you can't find him in the house, check the trees.  The second he gets outside he climbs the nearest tree and gets as high as he can go.  My little linebacker is faster than he looks and can get fairly high.  So if you lose him, look up to the trees, he may be faster than he looks but he is still fairly easy to spot - he is my little linebacker after all.

Oh and we have a snake friend living in our front yard.  We are going to try and relocate it to our back woods because he keeps appearing where the kids play the most often and we don't want any mishaps.  Have I mentioned that I can't stand snakes?  Yeah, I am trying to be cool for the kids but I want the darn thing gone.  I know it is a harmless snake, but slithery creatures are just not for me.

I think Peanut is going to love the cicadas that are supposed to swarm the area, I wonder how many we will find clutched in his hands.  Oh, the joys of nature!

Meet Sunny and Slimy, Peanut's "best friends" that are currently living in a dirt pile in the back bucket of his tricycle.  He likes to hold them, take them for bike rides and let them smell him. 

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