Friday, April 5, 2013

The Woods

The weather is finally turning nice and we are getting to play outside more and more.  When the weather permits, we spend most of the day outside.  Parks, picnics, sidewalk chalk and mudpits are the staples of the summer.  Recently, the boys have just loved playing in the woods near our house.  To clarify, we live in the suburbs, there are parks and woods for the kids to play in, but the woods to which they refer are the 4 large bushes in front of our house that have a crawl space between them and the house.  If you hear them shout, let's go play in the woods - you would see them run to the bushes and wonder if they were poor deprived children who didn't really know what a land filled with trees and animals looked like.  But I love that they have a hiding spot in the bushes called "The Woods".  It takes me back to my childhood where my brother and I had a bush we hid in together and played for hours. Although to be fair, we spent much more time actually roaming through large wooded areas then we did in that bush, it still was a special hideout.  I think I am going to have to take the kids to more wooded area hikes though, just to be safe.

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