Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Letter To Little Man on his 6th birthday

Dear Little Man,

It is funny how appropriate your nickname is on this blog.  I had no idea when you were 2 that you would be choosing to wear ties to school on most days, insisting on being fancy and always having a belt.  We joke that we are raising a little Alex P. Keaton but you have no idea who that is or what that means.  I truly do love the little man that you are growing into, insisting on holding doors for me because I am a lady and wanting to understand every concept that comes your way.  I love the grown up questions you ask me even if I don't always have the answers and I love the way that you know manners matter every day.

At 6 years old, you have really grasped reading and read everything - you pick up any book, piece or paper or my cell phone text messages and read them out loud. You love math and magic and sometimes think that they are one and the same.  You are generous and kind and have empathy beyond your years.  You still let me kiss you goodbye at the bus stop and hold my hand all the way home in the afternoon.  I think when you are 7 you will still love reading and math and I am very hopeful that I can still kiss you and hold your hand.  You are never too old to get snugs, baby.  Never.

You are my little rule follower and I hope that as you get older I can help you realize that not all rules apply equally and you are allowed to question the validity and purpose of a rule.  There are some that we can't avoid, but I don't want you to blindly follow rules.   I am not really worried though, you question everything about life and you will eventually turn your curiosity to the rule around you.   I want to teach you to be a truth-teller especially about yourself.  I have found that I feel the best about myself and make others feel the best about themselves when I am honest in all things, my skills, my abilities but also my faults and weaknesses.  Don't be afraid to fail or fall down - sometimes those are the best experiences in life, they teach you the most and when you get up from a fall or come back from a failure; well then you really know success.  

I love you and I am so proud of the 6 year old boy that you are today and I am already incredibly proud of the man I know you are going to grow into over the years.


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