Monday, March 18, 2013

From Stomach Flu to Water Park Fun

This weekend was our Family Adventure Birthday Weekend at Great Wolf Lodge.  We had decided as a family to go on an adventure weekend instead of hosting birthday season as it is known in this house (Little Man, Peanut and Papa Bear all within 14 days of each other).  First, let me just say that we had a blast and it was an amazing weekend.

That being said, it didn't start off very well.  We were planning on leaving mid-morning on Saturday and then we woke up to Peanut puking early that morning.  He had officially caught the stomach bug that was going around his preschool class.  Instead of bailing on the trip we researched our options for rescheduling and called some of the mom's from his preschool class to see what the duration of the stomach bug was for their kids.  We were told that the worst is over in the first 6 hours and after that it gets better after 12-24 hours.  So we packed everyone up and still made it in the car by late morning.  Peanut was a mess and miserable but we made it down with only having to make one puke pit stop.
The bowl was supposed to be for his puke, not his feet.

We arrived and Peanut was sound asleep so Papa Bear and I switched off sitting with him in the car while the other one checked in, played with the other kids and explored.  By the time we got our room, Peanut was awake and ready to party.  He walked into the room and said that he was all better and wanted to go to the water park.  We didn't argue and off we all went to play in the water park for the next two hours.  Peanut did great and we were so impressed with his rally but after a while he told us he was very sleepy.  We put him to bed and took Sweet Pea and Little Man to the clock show and story time.

By morning time, the crew was all feeling great and ready to go.  I even got to sneak 30 minutes in at the gym to run on the treadmill.  Although, I didn't need to.  They need to rename the Lazy River for those of us with kids under 8.  There is nothing lazy about chasing 2 kids who are swimming/running/bopping their way through the maze of tubes in the lazy river while pulling a 3rd kid riding cowboy style on a tube for 2 hours.  I am thinking Running River or maybe Heart Attack River for all of the times I thought Peanut was going to get stuck under somebody's tube.

Little Man went on all of the big slides and even ventured onto them on his own by the last day deciding that they were even more fun on his own.  Peanut loved the "Riber" and barely let us drag him out of it and Sweet Pea spent as much time as she could going down the baby slides in the little kid area. 

We went bowling, ate great food (had a chef prepare food that was corn-free especially for Peanut), spent many hours and a lot of dollars at the arcade which Peanut thinks is actually called the "Art Cave", had story times and shows and generally an amazing family adventure. 

Papa Bear caught Peanut's stomach flu on the morning of the last day but after catching a bit more sleep he rallied and joined us for as much fun as he could stomach, literally.

Bowling Fun in 10 Paw Alley
More Pictures to come.....

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