Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Huggers

The other day I was asking Little Man my typical daily questions about school and he started talking about this game that he was playing at recess.  It is called "The Huggers".  The girls are "The Huggers" and the boys are "The Runner Awayers".  From here the game is fairly self-explainable.  The girls chase the boys and try to hug them (and sometimes kiss them) while the boys run away from them.  I know he has been in Kindergarten for over 6 months, but now it is official - he has played "Girls Chase Boys" as it was called in my day.  A rite of passage that made me laugh as I listened to him explain the intricacies of the game as if they had made it up and were the first to ever play.  We need to watch out for this Emily girl, apparently she is the best hugger.

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