Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day!

We finally got a snow day and since it has been our only one since 2010 AND Sweet Pea has never been sledding AND I am not pregnant nor do I have a baby under the age of 1 in the house we had to make the most of it.  Here is how you take full advantage of a snow day with small kids. 

Step 1:  Pull out every piece of winter gear you have only to realize that you do not have snow gear for your growing boys because the last time there was a winter storm they actually fit in the size 2T snow pants you have been storing in your basement for 3 years.  Improvise as much as possible and gear your almost 4 year old up in pink snow pants and tell him that it is just a dirty white color.

Step 2:  Make a treat so that it is ready for them to refuel after sledding/winter fun.  I made chocolate chip scones for their treat and quite literally pulled them out of the oven as we were on our way out of the house. 

Step 3:  Prep the hot chocolate for quick and easy warm up

Step 4:  GO Sledding!  It was wet and slippery and cold but we went up and down that sledding hill over and over until the little ones literally collapsed with exhaustion, cold and tears.  Peanut was amazing in his fortitude to get up the hill each time.  He never asked to be carried or helped up the hill and had so much fun.  Sweet Pea needed help up the hill but tried to get there herself as much as possible.  Little Man had friends on the hill with him and was off on his own playing the whole time.  In fact, he stayed for a while after I left with the little ones and a neighbor friend walked him home later.

Step 5: Warm up, eat scones, drink hot chocolate and watch tv. 

Step 6: Do it all over again after naps!

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