Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break 2013

I have to admit that I was dreading Spring Break a little bit.  All 3 kids home in cold weather sounded like a recipe for child boredom induced fighting sprees.  I was so wrong and I find that I am really looking forward to the summer.

I loved not having a schedule to keep, lunches to make, bus stops to get to, drop off's and pick up's, therapy appointments etc.  We had play dates and plans but they were all laid back and I never cared if we arrived or left later, if lunches got pushed back or if naps were a bit off schedule.  We even managed to keep the house picked up, homemade lunches and dinners all week although I have to admit that the laundry situation is totally out of control.

My favorite activity was going swimming at the rec center with the kids.  They loved it and I don't know why we haven't done it before.  I think that I had imagined it as really stressful or hard but it was a breeze to prepare for, have fun at and even get home.  The boys jumped, splashed and played for 2 hours while Sweet Pea stayed with me chatting and playing with toys in the shallow beach entry.  We had so much fun the first day that we went that we ended up going back again today.

My least favorite events of the week were:
1.  Peanut swallowing a penny
2.  Sweet Pea peeing in a toy dump truck
3.  Little Man tripping and falling down the stairs
4.  Finding Sweet Pea running around with batteries in her mouth

Ok so maybe I was a little more relaxed than I should have been.  But what an awesome week.  Bring on the summer!

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