Saturday, March 30, 2013

Little Man turns 6

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It is almost unfathomable to me that I laid eyes on my Little Man six whole years ago.  I can distinctly remember laying in the hospital bed a few hours after he was born and asking my mom to help me unwrap his swaddling blanket because I wanted to go over every inch of him.  I was so scared to touch him, hold him or do anything with him.  He was so new and delicate and perfect and I didn't feel remotely qualified to be in charge of him.  I didn't know that even 6 years later, I would still feel completely unqualified to be in charge of him, but I would know how to fake it so that he didn't know.  I kissed his tiny strawberry mark on his cheek never knowing that I would miss that little mark when it disappeared two years later.  I counted his little fingers and toes having no idea how quickly they would grow.  I kissed his lips over and over, inhaling his baby scent thinking it was the best smell in the world never knowing that sweaty, dirty snugs would be just as enjoyable even though the baby smell is long gone. 

Today, Little Man got to choose how and when we did things so gifts were opened by 9am and candles were blown out by 10.  We are taking his best buddy Sebastian out with us for lunch and ice cream followed by an afternoon date.  Then I am sure he will have even more cake and fall into a sugar coma at bed time. 

He is 6.  That sounds so grown to me.  Firmly out of infant, toddler and little kid and into big kid territory.  Oh the places, he will go!

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