Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Penny for your Thoughts....

Peanut, Sweet Pea and Little Man were all playing in the kitchen while I was making dinner and all of a sudden I heard a choking sound from around the corner.  I called out Peanut's name to check on him and he didn't respond and was clutching at his throat.  I hadn't given them any food yet so I couldn't figure out what he could have swallowed.  I ran over and he was crying big huge crocodile tears and broke my heart but he seemed fine.  He looks up and tells me in his horribly sad voice that he accidentally swallowed his penny and now it was in his tummy forever.  Then started bawling.  I am not sure if he was scared or worried or just upset that he lost his penny.  After a reassuring conversation with the doctor that swallowing it was the hardest part and now we should just keep a look out for it... I called Papa Bear and told him what happened because I felt awful that I hadn't taken the penny away earlier.  It's Peanut, we know just about everything still goes in his mouth so I really should have seen it coming.  So at least for a few days, Peanut is worth $.01 more than he was yesterday.

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