Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A One Sock Kind of Day

I was trying to think of how to describe the day we have been having and I looked down and realized that I only had on one sock, I looked over at Sweet Pea and she had two VERY different socks on and I looked at Peanut and realized he had on one of his own socks and one of my socks.  So yup, we are having a one sock kind of day.

It started with everyone sleeping in.  I know this sounds like a good thing but it is teacher appreciation week at Little Man's school and we had baskets to get ready, lunches to pack, backpacks to prep, breakfasts to make and eat etc... you get the point and we had an hour less to do all of that than we normally do.  So the rush was on, Papa Bear and I flying around the house doing our thing until I finally kicked him off to work and kept going. 

By the skin of our teeth we made it out the door to drive Little Man to school with teacher appreciation stuff.  I had the little ones in the car and an entire rainy day ahead of me.  I hadn't showered.  I had no snacks in the car.  I had no plan.  But I had two kids who needed to get out some steam so I headed over to the soft playroom.  The only thing we needed to play was socks. I knew Peanut had socks on but Sweet Pea had taken her socks off in the chaos to get out of the house.  Spying some random socks on the floor of the van, I decided to still go for it.  When we got into the soft playroom I put the random two socks on Sweet Pea only to discover that Peanut only had on one sock.  Then I remembered that in the morning chaos I had told him to put his own shoes on and when I checked on him he had on one sneaker and one croc and so we had a little discussion about how proud I was that he listened and put on his own shoes but that he needed to switch to two of the SAME shoes.  He must have taken off one sock to put the croc on and never put it back on.  So I gave him one of my own socks and put my shoes back on instead of following them out to the play area.  I explained that I couldn't come play because I didn't have socks (nor had I showered) so they had to have excellent behavior or we would leave.  They did great and when our time was up we returned home.  We took off our shoes, took a deep breath and since the clock only said 10:45am and I felt like it should be 5pm, I laughed, fed my one socked monsters, dug around to find us all our own socks in the pile of laundry that is clean but not folded or put away because that is just how we roll in our one sock kind of days.

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