Friday, May 31, 2013

The Fun Park

The beach trip is a little easier and a little different each year as the kids get older and taller.  This year they were all tall enough to ride the fun rides and the boys were even tall enough to ride the go-carts.

First the fun rides:
Sweet Pea rode most of the rides sitting with Little Man.  This was both for her comfort and my own.  I have a desperate fear of carnival type fun rides, they just don't seem sturdy or safe to me.  But I couldn't let that keep the kids from having fun so I held my breath and closed my eyes.  They rode on the helicopters where we had to yell to Peanut to move the controller so that he could go up and down and when he finally figured it out the smile on his face was so brilliant that it made my heart skip a beat.  You would have thought he had landed on the moon, not made a carnival helicopter fly.  Sweet Pea and Little Man were squealing with joy and when they went on it a second time she was brave enough to go it alone but didn't have the strength to move the controller so that it would raise the ride.

Then they went on the little race cars.  Sweet Pea again rode with Little Man which was great because at each turn the cars would whip around the bend and it would almost throw Sweet Pea out of the car.  Little Man helped her stay in and they laughed the entire time.  I thought for sure she would think it was scary, but my girl is a little too daring if you ask me!

The Go-Carts:
First, I didn't want to watch.  Second, I didn't want to watch.  Third, I am glad I watched because apparently Peanut wasn't watching.

The boys both pulled out the wrong way and were going around the track backwards but since they were the only ones on it, it didn't seem to matter to the attendants.  Only my kids would go the wrong way on a one way race course together.  Little Man took it very seriously and stayed the course perfectly.  Peanut loved it but as always is easily distracted.  At one point the two attendants were goofing off and Peanut was watching them instead of where he was going.  Papa Bear and I had to shout his name repeatedly and luckily he heard us before he crashed into a wall.  It was close though.  We may never let him get his license.  Ever.

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