Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How To Torture a Sailor

The first step in torturing a sailor is to repeatedly ask him if he is a pirate.  When he kindly responds that he isn't a pirate, but that to be a pirate you must first know how to sail and he is a sailor - insist that he is a pirate again.  When he again says that he is a sailor, ask him to say "argh" and if he knows Captain Hook.  When he says that he doesn't know Captain Hook, shake your head sadly and tell him that he isn't a very good pirate if he doesn't know Captain Hook.

Yes, that is exactly the conversation that occurred between Peanut and the guy in this picture.
 He was an actor that stays in character on the Queen Elizabeth II on Roanoke Island and our kids tested his ability to stay in character, especially Peanut who was just adamant that he had to be a pirate and not just a sailor.  

We got to explore the ship, Little Man learned to tie two different kinds of knots (which reminded us that we should probably teach him how to tie his shoes).  We all got to drop the anchor (or was it pull it up) and learn how to shoot the canon.  Although it wasn't a canon, it was a long gun - which the sailor kindly explained to us just to have Peanut fervently disagree with him yet again and insist it was a canon.  He also insisted that the long boat wasn't a long boat but was indeed a dingy.  The poor sailor actually tried to win the argument until Peanut informed him that Captain Hook had a dingy so that was a dingy to which the sailor replied that he didn't know Captain Hook and Peanut again, sadly shook his head and told him that was because he wasn't a very good pirate.

The entire morning was spent on Roanoke Island at the museum that had Native American displays, places where the kids could try on real suits of armor and pirate costumes, a gravel/shell pit where we could find fossils and shark teeth (Papa Bear found 3 shark teeth for us!)  Everything was a lot of fun, but my personal favorite...was listening to Peanut torture the sailor and Little Man pelt him with question after question.

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