Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Unicorns sometimes look like Puppet Shows

Parenting is HARD.  There I have said it.  Parenting at 4:45pm while dinner is in the oven, three kids are hungry and cranky, you just found out your husband is coming home late and you have a work call that you have to take in 15 minutes is REALLY REALLY hard.  But sometimes, instead of yelling at the kids to stop whining about being bored and hungry, instead of pointing out that they have thousands of dollars of toys to play with and eat more in a day than entire villages do in a week, you suggest that they put on a puppet show and you feel like a genius.  Then in-between putting the topping on the chicken and stirring the rice,  you help them locate a few puppets, set up the learning tower with a blanket, make the dinner booster seats the "puppet show" seats want let the magic happen.  Unicorns, baby, I am telling you that I saw unicorns.

Little Man and Peanut took turns (without fighting or being told, did I mention Unicorns?) putting on puppet shows for almost 30 minutes.  I kept my phone call on mute unless I was asked a question or needed to respond, made dinner and listened in as much as possible to the adorable stories about a pirate that went to space and got lost and then rescued by George the space monkey, a baby and a fox.

Unicorns can appear in the craziest places, even in the kitchen, during witching hour, on a one-sock kind of day in the form of a puppet show.

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