Wednesday, August 28, 2013

An Oven Fire

Today we had our oven catch fire.  It is fine, no one was hurt and Papa Bear thinks he can fix it by replacing the heating element.  The piece about this oven fire that is worth capturing on (electronic) paper is the reactions of all of the kids.  It just encapsulates the differences in each child.

The Cast of Characters:
Little Man: the disaster preparedness expert
Peanut:  the laid back hungry child
Sweet Pea:  drama queen

The Event:
The heating element in the oven catches fire as we pre-heat it to make cookies

Little Man: The oven is on fire!  Get the phone!  Where's the phone?  Call 911!  Call 911
Sweet Pea:  Fire! Fire! Fire!  (running around in circles and crying)
Peanut:  Fire?  Can we roast marshmallows that don't have corn in them?

I used the smaller oven, made the cookies and then got on a work call while the kids all had a cookie and watched Charlotte's Web.  I clearly wasn't paying close enough attention while on my work call because I thought they were all watching the movie and behaving while I was working, instead I found that they had eaten all 16 cookies and Sweet Pea was on such a sugar high that she was singing "more cookies" in a cracked out minnie mouse voice.

We win some, we lose some and sometimes our ovens catch on fire.

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