Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sleep Overs

Yesterday afternoon, after some last minute plans were made, good friends of ours showed up for an impromptu play date and sleep over.  Other than family, the kids haven't had a sleepover party before so everyone was jazzed up.  The kids ate pizza, ran around and played in every room in the house.  It is amazing that having more kids in the house can actually be less work because they entertain each other.  After a few hours of crazy town, we settled all of the kids to sleep in the basement and wondered if any of them were actually going to sleep.  While the adults sipped our adult drinks, we patiently went up and down the stairs to quiet them.  Sweet Pea was the first to be pulled to sleep in her bed because she just couldn't settle down.  Peanut followed shortly after.  Then the youngest of our friend's kids N moved to the spare bedroom, followed by his older brother and by 11:30 at night Little Man, sound asleep, was the only one left sleeping in the basement.  He is honestly, the least like kid to sleep on his own, but he slept all night and when he woke up alone in the basement found his ipod touch that he must have secretly stored near him last night and facetimed Papa Bear to let him know that he was awake.  He really could have just walked up the two flights of stairs but it served the same purpose.  It was a little crazy with so many kids, but it was also a ton of fun and a great way to end the summer.  A house full of friends and fun! 

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