Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Middle Child Dynamics

I have always heard that the middle child is the hardest or most challenging birth order to have and I am sure that has been true in the past and will be true in the future.  However, Peanut is in a good place right now.  He is the chosen playmate for both of his siblings and often gets to pick which one or which game he wants to play.  Little Man is always trying to entice him into a game of school/spy or scientist and Sweet Pea is usually asking him to chase her, fix her boo boo or play dolls with her.  Peanut usually is happiest playing with Sweet Pea, mostly because he can direct the play and she just goes with the flow while Little Man is much more bossy and wants Peanut to play by his rules.  It is nice to see Peanut in this position, the sought after playmate.  I am sure there will be a day when he won't be so sought after by his siblings so I am hoping he enjoys it while it lasts.

Yesterday, Sweet Pea, Peanut and I went to a park while Little Man was at a play date with a school friend.  About an hour into the park time, the kids seemed ready to go and then I introduced Peanut to another 4 year old who was playing near him (I met his mom and we realized the kids might play well together and leave us alone for a minute).  The next thing I know, Peanut and his new friend have formed a band of 4 year old's who are running around together fighting bad guys, playing hide and go seek and generally being boys.  It was wonderful to see Peanut be the leader of this band of misfits and to watch all of the other kids understand him and join/follow him on his adventures.  Sweet Pea followed behind thinking she was playing with them as they ignored her for the most part.

Right now, it seems that the middle isn't a bad place to be at all.

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