Friday, September 13, 2013

First days of Preschool

We had a lot of firsts going on this week and I feel a little whip lashed by all of them. 

Peanut started Pre-K, going 4 days a week in the mornings, Sweet Pea started in the 3 year old classroom and I started having two mornings a week with any kids in tow. 

Peanut was a bit skeptical at first until he saw his friends from last year, there were hugs for the girls and fist-bumps for the boys and off he went.  What can I say, I think he is going to make an awesome frat boy some day.  The reports from his teacher say that he is doing well and always very happy but that I about all I know about his day.  True to form he tells us every day that he plays with trains, blocks and in the kitchen and that is about all we know.

Sweet Pea had her orientation on Thursday and while we were there she said "I want to go home".  I repeated it and said, "You want to go home?" and she said, "No, I want you to go home."  So this morning, we got to the door of her classroom and she turns back to me and says "Don't cry Mama.  You'll come back."  Her tiny reassurance just about did me in but I was able to wait until I got around the corner to start crying.  Her teacher said that she did a lot of observing and not a ton of participating but she was never upset.  I got so much information from her after school.  She sang the songs for me that they sang in school, recounted the book that was read to them, told me which friends cried and which friends didn't, which playground she got to play on and what she had for snack.  Little Man still can't tell me the names of the kids that sit at the table with him but after 3 hours, Sweet Pea can list off half her class.  At least I have one child that informs me about her day!

While the littles were all at school I did a little crying and a lot of running and laundry and drank in the silence while it lasted. 

(pictures to come, but the computer still isn't working.)

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