Monday, September 23, 2013

Playing Soccer in the Shower

"It's like playing soccer in the shower" were the words that I heard exclaimed at the start of Little Man's soccer game.  It poured down rain for the entire 55 minute game and that didn't stop the boys from playing or having fun.  They were drenched, muddy and happy as can be at the 4-4 tie game they played.  The parents were soaked and not quite as happy but no one could really muster up too much grumpiness in the face the happy muddy children.  It was a much needed reminder that even in this more helicopter parenting world, a little rain won't hurt and sometimes mud just makes it more fun.  I loved watching Little Man prance and dance his way down the field and even have a few break aways and saves in goal.  There are these moments when I get to watch my kids just be kids and it is always brilliant and breathtaking. 

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