Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Little Ballerina

Sweet Pea started Tap and Ballet class this week.  She was so excited for ballet and spent all morning spinning and spinning in her tutu, showing her brothers her "twirls".  She was so impatient for her class to start that I had to answer the "is it now?' question every few minutes through bus stop for Little Man, through pre-school drop off for Peanut and finally we arrived.  She stood outside the classroom doing her spins and twirls and bends.  But then the other girls arrived with all of their parents and it began to be too much for my little Sweet Pea.  She turned shy and didn't want to move.  There were just too many big people in the room and some pushy little people as well.  She watched and when the teacher took her hand, she was ok to follow until a little girl pushed her and she dissolved into tears.  She rallied at sticker time and was smiles and joy continuing her twirls and spins all the way home.  She says she is excited to go back next week, and since next week's class will be without all of the big people and hopefully the pushy little person will leave her be, I am hopeful that the next class goes a little better.  But on the bright side, she looked adorable!

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