Monday, September 2, 2013

Oh, Those Summer Nights

We spent labor day weekend soaking up the last summer days at the pool.  The End of Summer Picnic was a perfect night for us all.  Good friends, good times, good music and exhausted kids. 

Little Man played with his buddies in the water and on the hill running free Lord of the Flies style, bare chested, his goggles always around his neck, fighting with sticks, digging in the sand pit and fighting "The Boredom". 

Peanut found a fan club and has been searching for his "girls" every since.  These sweet girls who must have been 8 or 9 decided he was the cutest thing and spent the evening playing with him, telling him how cute he is and trying to pick up all 56 of his pounds.

Sweet Pea, ever the Papa's girl, spent her evening close to Papa Bear and drinking every cup of water or lemonade she could get her hands on. 

We had a wonderful summer, but the evenings spent at the pool with our good friends were some of my favorite summer nights.

Peanut and his "girls"

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