Thursday, September 12, 2013

No Idea

Sweet Pea and I were playing a Cinderella game that came out of my Mommom’s magical closet of never ending presents.  It is a board with a lot of little Cinderella figures on it and on the bottom of each piece is a picture of something related to a princess story. Sweet Pea doesn’t know all of the stories but can still recognize the figures and match it up to the cards.  Today she was looking specifically for the slippers and instead of playing memory was turning over each piece, naming the pictures and then putting it back if it wasn’t what she was looking for.  I hear her naming them off “birdie, frog, fish, shell, no idea, deer, …”  Wait? What?  “Um, Sweet Pea, what is the one that you said “no idea” to.”  She picks it back up, shows me and says, “See, it is a no idea.”  I look closely and to be honest I have no idea what it is.  Then it hits me.  At some point she has probably asked me what that particular picture was, I responded with the answer of “no idea” and she now thinks that it is in fact a “no idea”.  I love all of the ways kids are so literal and that I can accidentally make a funny contribution. I looked closer and still having no idea what it was supposed to be, we decided together that we would call it grass or a weed instead of a “no idea”.  Even if we are wrong, that is still a better option.  I think?

I am having to post this from my phone because I can't get it to work on my I apologize for errors 

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