Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lock Ness Turtle and Gourmet Crackers

Crackers are a great lure for turtles at the pond near our house.  Regular crackers attract these types of turtles.  They approach slowly and skim the surface eating the bit of cracker floating above.  The fish around them jump and break the surface of the water getting some cracker themselves.  Little Man watches with rapt attention as Papa Bear or I hold onto him so that he doesn't try to swim with the turtles.  Great family fun... with regular crackers.  But this weekend we were out of regular crackers and we had to use our Gourmet Crackers.  More specifically Lemon Pepper and Poppy Water Crackers (I have no idea why we even have these crackers).  And with Gourmet Crackers you attract this the Lock Ness not so cute even a little bit scary turtle.  They came en mass 8 0r 9 giant Lock Ness (otherwise known as the Pig Nose Turtle) Turtles to eat our gourmet crackers.  Apparently they are snobby turtles who turn their nose up at saltines but come a runnin for the Lemon Pepper and Poppy.

And so does Little Man.  He ate more than he threw to the turtles.  I guess he prefers the fancy stuff too (either that or I forgot to give him an afternoon snack)

And when he wasn't eating he was just generally looking cute.

or monkeying around...

And Peanut, was just chillin' in his sling.  It is his most favorite perch to watch Little Man jump, swing and run. 

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  1. That turtle does look menacing!

    But girl--not one mention of the specialness of the day on here?!?!?!?

    Happy Birthday!!!!