Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Return of the Flutterbug

The Flutterbug has made a comeback.  He is short one wing and doesn't always sound in tune, but he is back nonetheless.  The Flutterbug first made his appearance when Little Man was just a few weeks old.  Little Man hated getting his diaper changed and his changes always resulting in crying or screaming for the duration of said change.  It was heartbreaking especially as we were new parents and thus new diaper changers and it took quite a bit of time.  One day while walking through Target we saw the Flutterbug and thought that maybe he could help.  It turned out to be one of the best investments we made for Little Man.  It attached to his changing table and we would wind it up (usually mulitple times during a diaper change, remember we were quite slow) and he would smile and laugh and generally flirt with the Flutterbug all the while not even noticing that his diaper was being changed.  We would sometimes put him on the changing table without the need for a diaper change because it would calm him down when he was upset.  We would even take him with us on car rides and I would wind him up and hold him over the car seat because it turned out that Little Man didn't only hate diaper changes, he also hated his car seat especially during long drives.  The Flutterbug lasted until Little Man was pushing himself up to sit because then he would push up and grab the Flutterbug and rip his wings off.  So he was put away and has recently returned to make him comeback.  

Peanut does not seem to mind diaper changes (especially since our speed has increased quite dramatically in the last 2 years) and he also doesn't mind his car seat but he doesn't like being on his back.  For the most part he is our laid back low maintance child BUT that doesn't mean he would miss out on any Flutterbug fun.  So (minus one wing) the Flutterbug has been attached to Peanut's pack n' play and Peanut smiles and coos and generally flirts with the Flutterbug while laying peacefully on his back.  

Thank goodness for the Flutterbug.

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