Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Parroting our Parrot

We have learned to listen.  Yes, we listen to the things that Little Man says and what we hear is, well, us. We are quickly learning that our little parrot man listens to EVERYTHING we say and just loves repeating it back throughout the day.... Here are a few choice examples:

On the way down the steps first thing in the morning....  "Coffee Coffee Coffee"

To Peanut, when he was fussing - "Why so sad"

On our way out the door to the park - "Let's go guys!  Ready? Ready!"

While eating dinner - "Thanks Mama, ummm licious" 

When asking PapaBear to get something for him "Jon, Jon hurry please"

Upon seeing Peanut spitting up on me - "Rag Rag Rag"

Watching a little boy throw a rock at the park - "Hmmm, bad behavior he should make a better choice"

There are a ton more, but I am just to exhausted at the moment to remember them all so I will add to them as they come to me!

1 comment:

  1. ha! I love that he starts the day with the word, "coffee!"

    And way to go on recognizing that the stone-throwing kid should have made a better choice!