Monday, July 27, 2009

My Giant Baby

We went to the doctor today and had a great visit. Peanut is 20 pounds (> 100th percentile) and 27 1/8 inches long (>100th percentile). He demonstrated all of his upper body strength and gave the doctor tons of smiles, coos and even restrained from peeing on her this time. His visit inspired this post below.

Things Peanut Outgrew LONG Before Their Time:

1. His infant car seat
2. The bassinet level of the pack n' play (weight limit is 15 pounds which he exceeded at 2 months but we pushed it and it is bowing in the middle)
3. His 6-9 months clothing
4. His swing (seriously looks like he might break it)
5. Size 3 diapers ( which his 2 year old cousin just grew out of)
5. The baby bjorn (weight limit is 23 pounds, but really who can tote my 20 pounder like that)
6. Baby Papasan chair (weight limit 21 pounds)

I should also mention that the car seat law is that you can't turn a car seat facing forward until the child is 1 year old AND 20 pounds....I can't even imagine what he will weigh by the time he is 1 since he is ALREADY 20 pounds!

A few other things to note:

He weighs more than his future wife, who is almost 9 months old and is only 4 pounds less than his 2 year old cousin.

His hands are bigger than some 1 year olds - he can palm a baby basketball!

What a different 4 months can make.....

March 2009

July 2009

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  1. Wow--what a beautifully big baby boy!!! And oh my goodness, he's looking more and more like his big brother;-) Go Logan, go!!!