Monday, July 6, 2009

Peanut’s first holiday and Little Man’s first Fireworks

Little Man loved fireworks, well he really just loved the “snaps”.  You know the things that you throw on the ground and it makes a loud pop.  He liked to put them on the ground and step on them or throw them down.  Papa Bear lit some actually pretty little ground fireworks and we all oohhhed and ahhhhhed appropriately.  We had a busy weekend of Choo Choo parks and Friendly’s, Ice cream and M & M’s (specifically the blue ones because Little Man requests only blue M & M’s).  We grilled out and took family walks and just had a relaxing family weekend. 

Some milestone updates:

Peanut is VERY ticklish.  He has this spot in the middle of his ribs that if you tickle his legs come up and he pulls his whole body and lets out streams of laughter (which is sounding less and less goat like).

Peanut is kicking his (sweaty) feet with more purpose and laughs when he makes contact with things.  He loves laying in the water during bath time and kicking the water around.  Papa Bear and I have found that it is just as much fun to rediscover the world with our second child as it was with our first. 

Peanut sits up (in a tripod) for a few seconds at a time.  We can’t actually tell if it is just his fat propping him up or if he is actually holding himself up – but he seems to like the position until he keels over.

Little Man took his diaper off and went running bare butt through the living room to the potty of his own accord.  We are going to tackle the potty training thing one day….  He was yelling “no pee no pee no pee, pee in potty!” basically yelling at him himself to hold it until he gets to the potty.  We think these runs to the potty are more about the blue M & M’s than the potty but we will take what we can get.

Each night after dinner we have been going for family walks through the neighborhood and Peanut goes in the stroller while Little Man peddles his bike.  He is so grown up as he says “Don’t touch Papa” or “ NO push me” and then directs us which way to go “ This way!”  “ NO that way!”.  We like that it tires him out and helps him sleep longer!!!

Ok that is all for my updates, I will leave you with a few pictures from the holiday weekend!

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  1. The family walks sound perfect--and I love Logan's patriotic outfit in the last pic!!!