Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dinner Chatter

This evening we sat down for family dinner and started talking about our day. We got more snow here and Little Man got to play on the back porch building castles in the snow while Peanut and I watched from the warmth of the sun room. We also blew up the jumpolene for some inside energy burning fun and Little Man jumped in the jumpolene with his superhero cape and did lots of cartwheels and somersaults.

As Papa Bear and I were discussing Little Man's acrobatic style we started discussing his overall athletic prowess. I mean, this kid can jump further than I can and loves to jump on one leg while jumping on the trampoline. He crawled before he was 7 months, stood up on his own by 8 months and walked 3 days after turning 9 months. We are thinking about putting him in a true gymnastics class to give him an outlet for all of his tumbling, jumping, flipping desires (and maybe save some our furniture in the process). We think he would be good at it and enjoy it a lot.....and as we discussed this we started talking about what we think Peanut will be good at. He is too young to really determine his likes and dislikes so we were in far away thought, picturing our little Peanut in two years time, wondering if he will be interested in all things sporty like his brother, or all things art like his cousin or all things scientific....and then we looked over at him eating his spaghetti....

and thought that it just might be all things eating. Papa Bear remarked that while we don't know for sure what he will love doing when he is older, a pie eating contest is in his future for sure. My thoughts, well, I don't know what he is going to be into...but all things cute is what I am thinking!!

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