Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pacifier Scare - Avent Pacifiers

Peanut was up in his crib getting ready for a nap and when I went up to check on him because I heard him standing up and shaking the side of the crib (that is a new favorite pastime of his). When I got in his room I noticed that something looked wrong with his pacifier. I found his pacifier had come apart in 3 pieces. The nipple and nipple shield were still in his mouth (thank goodness) but the button that holds the handle on and the handle were both in pieces in his crib. Both of these pieces are serious choking hazards. When Papa Bear checked the other pacifiers we had another one came apart in the same way in his hands. I have called Philips Avent to report the incident and also reported it to US Consumer Product Safety Commission because I am thorough that way. So there we were, trapped by the snow, broken binks (pacifiers) a plenty and I was terrified of giving him another one and taking that risk. So I settled on checking on him often and yelling at the Avent Philips people.

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