Sunday, February 7, 2010

SuperBowl Sunday Peanut Style

Peanut accomplished his own Superbowl worthy feat of strength today on this Superbowl Sunday (10 1/2 months). He walked across the family room while pushing his walker. This is the next step in the walking process and we are so proud that he was able to drag his hefty legs one by one in little steps. Up until today, he would push the walker out in front of him but had not figured out how to drag those fatty legs along with the upper part of his body. It is truly amazing to see the daily changes in his abilities. Just this morning Papa Bear and I watched him try in vain to get his little legs to go and he took out his displeasure with the walker by yelling at it and shaking it. And then just a short 9 hours later, he and the walker made up and became good friends. We immediately got video of it and skyped with Mee-Mom and Mommom so that they could see it too. (Who says the 2nd child gets shafted with documentation of their lives??) I foresee more injuries and gasps of fear in my future as Peanut really gets walking, but I couldn't be happier for my Peanut!!

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