Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gate to the Grate - 11 month update supplement

Peanut is currently wearing a hole in the floor. He is crawling laps back and forth and back and forth from the gate at the stairs to the grate on the kitchen floor. He touches each with his head and turns around and goes back. Occasionally he goes past the grate, under the kitchen table, head butts the floor (yes, I know) and then returns to the gate. He is wearing himself out and we are letting him!

Today has been a big day for him. At 11 months and 3 days he decided to learn some new things. He is calling for Little Man. He calls him Ra Ra and it is very clear that he is referring to his big brother. He also waves hi and bye and signs more. This morning he was sitting in his booster eating breakfast and I waved to him from across the table. I do this fairly often and don't usually expect a result, but wouldn't you know he grins and waves right back. He was so proud of himself and he has done it a bunch throughout the day. Then at dinner he ate all of his peas, carrots and pasta so I threw some of Little Man's pizza on his tray to keep him busy. When he was done he used the first finger of one hand and the fist of the other hand and put them together for "more". We clapped and yelled and he repeated it every time he wanted more food. Then when he was all done he signed for that and moved on. I can't believe how much he can change in just a few days and how grown up he is becoming!!

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