Monday, February 1, 2010

Peanut Needs Antenna

Antenna: Zoology. one of the jointed, movable, sensory appendages occurring in pairs on the heads of insects and most other arthropods.

Boy could Peanut use some of those, the sensory appendage part anyway. It would save his poor forehead some damage and it would save our walls and furniture some major dents! You see, Peanut crawls with his head down. He looks at his hands, the floor, Little Man, just about anywhere other than where he is going. And he knows when he has arrived at his destination when he hits it with his head. As soon as he thunks his head, he reaches his arm up and then pulls himself up to stand. So I was thinking if he had some antenna then they could feel that he was about the hit the wall, coffee table or couch and he could pull up BEFORE he hits his head. By the time he goes to bed each night, he has at least 4 red marks on his cute little forehead. So anyone have some spare antenna to help a crawling baby out?

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