Saturday, February 20, 2010

Head Hugs and Other things

I recently wrote a post about how Peanut needs antennae because he has multiple bruises from using his head to locate objects like the wall, coffee table or any other destination he is trying to crawl to. My wonderful and caring Mommom sent him a special package. In this package was a homemade visor that he could wear on his head to protect his forehead and alert him to the fact that he had reached his destination at the same time. Isn't she a genius! Oh and super caring! Now if she could only find a way to make him keep it on :) But it sure is cute.

We also discovered some other ways Peanut uses his head these days. A battering ram! Yes, that is right! When he and Little Man are wrestling or playing chase we have observed the lowering of his head and a full speed crawl right into Little Man. The result is usually tumble of both boys together. Sometime Little Man deftly steps to the side and Peanut goes barreling into nothing. You can see the confusion on his face when he totally misses. I think he may be the kid who needs lot of reminding to look where he is going!!

And the last use of his adorable head is a full fledged Head Hug. He isn't an overly affectionate kid. He is usually too busy to stop and really hug or kiss us. But when he slows down enough to give us some lovin', he does it with his head. Usually he just lays his head into my lap or my shoulder or if he is crawling by, he rests his head briefly on my knee and snuggles it there for a second before moving on. He head hugs Little Man on occasion but really lays them on Papa Bear. They have such a special bond and Peanut snugs his head into Papa Bear's chest frequently. Sometimes I will even catch Papa Bear head hugging him back. It really is quite adorable.

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