Sunday, September 12, 2010

All signs point to - YES!

I think one of the most terrifying things about being a parent is making decisions that will shape your child or start them down a particular path. How do you know you are making the right decision? We talk about it, pray about it, debate about it, change our minds a zillion times and then once the decision has been made I will spend hours a day torturing myself over and over hoping we did the right thing. Sometimes we get signs that reassure us we have made the right decision and that makes our hearts feel a lot lighter (until the next decision has to be made). I am a worrier, there is no debate there so these little signs are very beneficial for my blood pressure. Today we got one of those signs.

Little Man starts back to school on Tuesday. I know he is ready and will have a great time. I know that it is the right thing for him. But deep down I will miss my Little Man for those 3 hours a day and I worry that he would be happier at home with me (even though quite the opposite is true). I think I am traumatized by last year's first week of school when he cried for over an hour and they had to call me to come and get him because he was wearing himself out crying. I know it was just one day and a day that he doesn't even remember but walking away from my baby who was yelling "I want my mama" felt awful. So I sent an email to his new teacher letting her know that he had a bit of a rough transition last year and that I was going to be the first in line to drop him off because he has an easier time going into an empty room than a full one. I also told her how much he loves the dinosaurs in her classroom in case he needs a distraction. And her is what I got in response...

Having him come first sounds great....He can come in a little early if you think that will help. I can't image him being sad. He seems so excited and ready...but we will see. Please know that with two other moms i can give him a lot of attention if need be. I will go get one of my dinosaur books right now and put it in my bag for Tuesday.

So there is just no doubt in my mind that he will be in good loving hands, we made the right decision and he is going to have a great time at school. I think it is going to be harder on me to say goodbye at the door than it is for him!

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