Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Day of 3's Preschool

All I can say is SUCCESS! Little Man loved school, no tears, no hesitation, just purely loved school. He walked right into the classroom without even saying goodbye to me so I had to follow him in to get a hug and a kiss. When I returned to get him a few hours later he flew into my arms when he was dismissed and said, "Mama, I didn't cry!" Oh it was the sweetest, tightest most wonderful kind of Little Man hug. I didn't get a ton of details out of him other than he didn't want to paint because he didn't want to get his clothes dirty and he loved playing on the playground and with his friends. What a different first day from last year, refreshingly so! Below are his posed pictures of him on his first day and the last picture is one his teacher sent. He is wearing a motorcycle helmet and turned the chairs into a pretend motorcycle.

(And yes, I know he needs a haircut - but you know when you have a 3 year old, a 17 month old and are 33 weeks pregnant some things just have to wait for another day!)


  1. Oh my gosh he is so handsome in his first day photo! I'm going to need another "date" with him soon, ok?

  2. I actually think his hair looks pretty rockin'; he could rock a pair of skinny jeans with that emo cut! love it.

    (but I am sure he'd look awesome with his hair a little more...tame...too)