Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Day with Mommom and Mee-Mom

Today was a fabulous day because my mom (Mee-Mom) and grandmother (Mommom) came for the day to visit with the boys (and me and Papa Bear, but let's be real - it was mostly to see the boys) Little Man and Peanut were in spoiled heaven! Between games of chase and knock down with Mee-Mom, getting new presents, having books read by Mommom, bike rides, water fun and just general monkeying around - I think both sides are wiped out! Little Man can not get enough of his Mee-Mom - their bond is very strong and very special and it is great to see Peanut starting to develop a bond of his own with her. Early in the day instead of playing knock down with her when it was his turn he chose to just hug her and not let go. The boys see her like I saw my grandmother when I was their age - an over-indulgent incredibly loving and fun playmate, teacher and friend. I can't ask for anything more!

Mommom told Little Man that she was almost 100 years old and that she was very old. He told Mee-Mom that she needed to get a new Mommom because the one we had was so old. But you know what, there is only one Mommom like her on earth. Growing up she was a second mom, a friend, a very very indulgent grandmother - I mean the Mary Poppins of Grandmothers. She taught me table manners and would wake me up in the mornings with a hot wash cloth to put on my eyes. She would leave a few pieces of candy by my bed before bedtime and teach me how to plant a garden and do paper mache. And today, she read books to my little boy and let him pretend to be a crocodile that was eating him up. Life doesn't get much better!

Papa Bear and I were spoiled too with subs from Capriotti's and a chance to go out by ourselves to run errands and even get some yard work done. So no worries, we were not left out of the fun :)

The Boys with their new trucks!

Peanut saying "Thank You"

Little Man being read to by Mommom (his Great-Grandmother)

Silly Peanut!

Little Man Lifeguard

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