Friday, September 3, 2010

Peanut's Curiosity and other fun stories

We had a playdate this morning with Little Man's friend E and his baby sister M. M is 3 months old and adorable in every way. Peanut took one look at her and let out his most excited squeal usually reserved for puppies or other small furry creatures. I should have known we were in trouble as soon as I heard that squeal. He spent the next few hours attempting to peek under the nursing cover to see what was so fun and then to try to lift my friends shirt to see what M found so obviously delicious. He tried multiple times to steal her binky and touch her head/eyes/face or whatever he could get his hands on. It was constant redirection to keep her Peanut free and I quickly saw what our life is going to be like when Baby Girl arrives. He was very sweet and gentle, but very very curious. It is going to be a journey, that's for sure!

Little Man has never cared for fashion. He has a difficult time with transitions between seasons, but other than that has no interest in what he is wearing. Except when it comes to white shirts and crocs. His friends down the street love to see what combination of crocs he picked out that day. He rarely will wear two of the same color. He will say "Mama, I think it is a green and chocolate day" and then he goes in search of one green and one brown croc. His other apparent fashion issue is white tee-shirts. Just regular white undershirts. If I put them on him he screams and freaks out about not wanting a "just white" shirt. He claims that he doesn't like just white and will cry and scream until he gets to take it off. It doesn't matter if it is the middle of the night or during the day, he refuses to wear them.

We recently went to an ice cream party in the neighborhood. Peanut wasn't feeling well so he stayed home with Papa Bear and Little Man and I went to eat and play. He had so much fun. He ate/drank his melted ice cream and candy and then ran around and played for the next 2 hours with 11 other neighborhood kids ranging in age from 3 to 10. They played Red Light Green Light, Tag, Freeze Tag and climbed trees. It was eye opening to me how much easier these events are with Little Man. I got to sit and talk to adults, eat my own ice cream and relax. I am looking forward to the next 3 years with all of my children and I will never take for granted or wish away the days I get to have with them. But there is a light at the end of the "can't converse with other adults, chasing early walkers from danger, can't eat my own food" tunnel. In about 3 years, all of my children will be running around playing tag and other fun games and Papa Bear and I will be enjoying our own ice cream before it melts!!

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