Friday, January 28, 2011

Hibernation Day

Due to the snow, Little Man's school was closed again and he was most upset about missing the hibernation station (a cave like part of the room with pillows for snuggling up and reading) that is new to his classroom for this weeks lesson on hibernation. So we decided to have a hibernation day at home instead. Little Man greeted this idea with resounding cheer and even stayed in his room until 7 am as instructed with no complaints to ensure hibernation day happened as planned!!

We started off by staying in our pajamas and making a hibernation station using a card table, sheet and a bean bag in the inside for snuggling into to. But it wasn't big enough for both boys to fit into comfortably (read: without fighting for space) so we expanded it using the train tent and another bean bag. Once we had that all figured out Little Man decided we also needed a nest. So we grabbed all of the couch pillows and made a reading nest. Sweet Pea was sleeping so I snuggled up in the nest with the boys and read 5 or 6 books.

It was a must that all of the stuffed bears and dogs accompanied the boys into the hibernation station so it got a bit crowded after a while which of course resulted in bickering. So following speech therapy (which was interesting with Little Man competing for attention) we moved the nest into the living room and the boys watched Elmo in their nests while I made pumpkin pancakes in the shape of snowmen with confectioners sugar for coloring and raisins for eyes and buttons. Little Man was adamant that we had to have pancakes for lunch because it was hibernation day and pajama day which equals only pancakes to eat all day.

All of the kids are currently settled down for their long winter's nap and this afternoon will find us reading more books in our nests and eating popcorn while watching a movie together. The house is a mess, the couches are disassembled, more then normal tv is being watched but it is all in the name of our very own special hibernation day.

This is the first version of the hibernation station:

Here is the expanded version to alleviate the bickering:

Hibernating/Reading Nests:

Three Happy Kids:

The Kissing Train:

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