Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sweet 3 Months for Sweet Pea

Oh my baby girl is growing up. Today she is 3 months old and I can't believe how big she is getting.

My Top 6 Favorite things you should know about Sweet Pea:

1. Her smiles! She loves to give her smiles out for free. I have to avoid eye contact with her when she is nursing because if she catches my eye she will smile and stop eating. But I will forget or just can't help myself and I look down she looks right at me and gives me the most beautiful smiles.

2. Her laugh! Today she gave a full belly laugh for the first time which made me laugh and then she laughed because I was laughing. She kind of sounds like a nasal sheep when she laughs but I love it!

3. Her Purr Sneeze continues! It is so hard to explain why this is. When Sweet Pea sneezes which is fairly often she sounds like a sneeze sounds in a cartoon. First there is the Ah AH Ah deep inhale fake out. Then it starts over again ah ah Ah ah Choo followed by a purrrrrr that is so adorable you wish she would sneeze all over you just to hear it again. This purr actually rumbles like she is rolling her tongue in the back of her mouth. A-Dorable!

4. Her sleep schedule. While she is a bit of a bear during the day and doesn't nap very well she is sleeping a full 10 hour stretch at night which gets me the rest that I need to take on a day without naps.

5. Her love for her big brothers. When Sweet Pea is especially cranky I will ask her brothers to dance for her. She just loves watching them and most times they can distract her from her tantrum long enough for her to calm down and recenter.

6. Her voice! Sweat Pea loves her own voice ever she realized that the noise that has been emanating throughout our house comes from her. She started yelling and cooing and talking to us. We have quite the scintillating conversations usually directly after she eats because that is her happiest time of the whole day.

Other updates: She is rolling (and has been for about a month) from her tummy to her back but not the other way. She hates being on her back so she probably won't roll that direction for a while. She spends most of her day in my arms or her bouncy seat since she isn't a huge fan of the swing. If you lay her on a blanket on her back she will start yelling in protest because of her reflux and wants to sit up or be on her tummy.

I love my Baby Girl!!

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