Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sledding 2011

The snow fell quickly yesterday building up as Little Man and Peanut stared out the window. Schools closed and Papa Bear decided to work from home giving the boys and I a chance to get out and have some fun. While Sweet Pea slept and Papa Bear worked we bundled up (a process that took a good 20 minutes) and headed out for the sledding hill. I made both boys walk while I carried the sled and Peanut looked a little bit like that boy from the Christmas Story who was so bundled up that he couldn't move. Little Man skipped down the street and Peanut waddled after him as fast as his chubby legs could carry him - the kid is seriously adorable.

We got to the very crowded sledding hill and thanks to our 3 person sled immediately loaded ourselves on and down we went. Peanut yelled "Wheeeee" all the way down and was all smiles. The hardest part was getting up the hill. Little Man could make it up and he even pulled the sled up for me but Peanut just couldn't walk in the 6+ inches of snow. So I had to carry my 35+ pound Peanut up the very steep hill. I ended up having to use him as a Peanut shaped walking stick at the top. I would put him down, take a step, pick him up and put him another foot in front of me and take another step. Once we finally got to the top of the hill I would sit and rest to catch my breath because I am horribly out of shape and then start it all over again. For an hour we went up and down the hill and each time we got to the top Peanut would demand "Whee, down Whee" and then when we got to the bottom it was "help me" and up we went again. Little Man loved it because he got to ride in the front and be the "driver" of the sled and it was wonderful to get that time with the boys outside in the snow.

I have no pictures of this to post because as talented as I am managing a camera on top of the bundling and sledding and carrying and falling and snowman building that occurred!!

Oh and just as little side notes on the day:
Peanut fell asleep in his chicken nuggets because he was so exhausted from sledding
Little Man ASKED to take his nap which is virtually unheard of
Little Man ate the carrot nose...twice.

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