Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"O", that makes sense

Peanut knows all of his letter and their letter sounds and he has a love for identifying letters and yelling them out. For example, he might be eating a cookie and after taking a bite of it he will hold it up and yell "U" until you agree with him that his cookie does look just like a "U", or when we are driving by a McDonald's and he yells "M,M,M" until you tell him yes, that is a M. Today it was out of control. We were parked outside of Bed, Bath and Beyond and he was all "B, B, B, E, T, E, Y O, O, N, D, D" I drove away as fast as I could.

Little Man asks really intelligent questions, not all of which I have intelligent answers for, but sometimes he will throw me a bone. Today he asked me when he could get his wallet so he could drive. Once I deciphered that he meant license and not wallet I set about answering his question. I wasn't sure if I was very clear in my answer until he said, "Oh, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks Mama" Well I am so glad it made sense to him because I can't even remember my answer because Peanut was yelling "B, B, B, E, T, E, Y O, O, N, D, D" at the time.

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