Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rehoboth Beach

I am not a spontaneous person. I am a planner, a meticulous and detailed planner, who has done a lot of growing and changing in the last 4 years. My children have taught me spontaneity. For example, when you leave the house with a diaper bag that has been rampaged by a 2 year old and end up without diapers for the baby but you find a pull up stashed in your car, you can spontaneously turn that over-sized pull up into a diaper that works for a baby with a little imagination and the help of a tee-shirt. Just call me MacGuyver. Cue music.

Anyway, all of that growing and stretching, taught to me by my wonderful and unpredictable children, helped when we had an offer of a week long vacation at my mom's beach house in DE because I had less than 24 hours to plan. No worries, my mom's beach house is more prepared than most places we visit for my crazy kids so Papa Bear and I made a list, packed it up and headed out. We knew he would have to travel back and forth during the week and made arrangements with my mom for him to use her car for that commute so we could keep the van with all of the necessary seating for the kids.

It was well worth the crazy 24 hour haze we were in packing the car and getting us ready to be gone without much notice. It was also worth the lack of sleep we had as Sweet Pea realized she was in the same room as us for a week and wanted to be played with or held in the night.

Little Man learned to swim. He swims across the pool with his head under water while doggy paddling and kicking his legs. Something just clicked and each day he got better and better. Peanut learned to hold his breath while underwater as he took quite a few tumbles in the water but always managed to hold his breath and his only complaint was the water in his eyes. We all got to run through a rain storm to get ice cream and then eat ice cream in a pavilion while watching the rain, play on the beach when the rain stopped and then run through another rain storm to get back to the car. (that probably doesn't sound like as much fun as it actually was) We ate and played and just had a fantastic family time. The kids were overjoyed to have their Mee-Mom with them and the bonus was getting to have Simba (her dog) to torture/play with too.

A spontaneous vacation that was well worth breaking out of my comfort zone and leaping before looking!

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