Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Updates All Around

Sweet Pea's favorite game right now is "So Big". Sometimes she will actually wait for you to ask her "How big is Sweet Pea" before triumpantly throwing her arms above her head to show us just how big she thinks she is. Other times, she can't wait for the question and will throw her arms up with a giant smile of anticipation on her face and we, of course, comply with her silent demand and say "So Big!". I have to say it makes me heart happy and happens to be one of the boys favorite games to play with her too.

Little Man and I got to go on a date recently. He donned his "movie" shirt which in his case is just a shirt that he wears to the movies and he put on his shorts that only have pockets on the sides and back but not on the legs. This is his thing. He will change his shorts if we dare to hand him anything that has pockets on the legs (ie cargo shorts) but won't wear shorts without pockets either. He is so particular and I love it. So we went on our double date with his friend Kate and her mother. They were both so proud to be out with each other and big kids at the movies. He did whisper to me that he loved me in the middle of the movie and on the way home decided that he should ask Papa on a date so that he wouldn't be sad that only Mama got dates. My sensitive sweetheart.

Peanut is talking up a storm and repeating my every word. He is also doing great with going to the potty and is becoming more assertive in telling us that he has to go instead of just walking to the bathroom and tugging to get his pants down. Sometimes he will preemptively cheer "Yay Pee-Pee" as his way of telling me that it is time to go. He is having a hard time settling down at night and opens his door to his room as a game over and over and over until we take away all of his bedtime stuff (blankets, elmo, big bird, etc) and then he gets we are serious and stays in his bed. My sweet boy.

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